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Welcome to! The website, developed by Robert Welker of The Smart Pig Websites is the internet home for Woodstock, GA racing champion Frank Ingram and his #F9 Dirt Super Late Model team. Catch live lap by lap updates on Frank's Twitter and Facebook pages.


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* is proud to have Mitchell Jenkins Photography as the official photographer of Frank Ingram Racing! Check out all of Mitchell's work by visiting Mitchell Jenkins Photography.


2014 race results are posted in the Race Results section of the website.


Watch the video below to see Fast Frank's dramatic win in what the track announcers called the most exciting race ever at Dixie! Special thanks to Stargazer444 on youtube for filming and posting the video.




June 22nd, 2013 - F9 machine has a strong 5th place finish.

During a week of low car counts in the major touring series, Dixie didn't have a lack of turnout for the Super Late Model feature with 19 entries on the sign in sheet. First up to qualify was Fast Frank and he set the mark at 15.609 seconds. Most of the field was in this range with only Dale Thurman and Austin Smith getting below 15.500. Smith would be on point by way of Thurman's invert wheel spin of 2. Frank would roll off in 8th for the 30 lap event. This race had a lot of hard but clean racing and it shows the caliber of professionalism in Dixie Speedway's Super Late Model division! Frank moved up to 6th within a few laps and would battle hard and clean with #77 Doug Stevens and #9 Jason Croft and would be within a fender length of getting 4th at the finish. #00 Johnny Chastain took the lead early and would never look back, getting the advantage on all restarts. Just as impressive was #9 Jason Croft working from 5th to 2nd and maybe would've had something for #00 if they had more laps. Frank's car was getting better late in the race too and he looked poised for at least 3rd but several cautions got in the way. At the end it was #00 Chastain your winner, #9 Croft 2nd, #7 Donald McIntosh, #59 Dale Thurman and #F9 Frank Ingram your top 5. A link for the rundown will be posted as soon as it's available from Dixie Speedway's website. Next week is a double header at Dixie and Rome! Click on the photo above to see the gallery from the race, courtesy of Mitchell Jenkins.


June 15th, 2013

The action was wild and exciting Saturday night at Dixie Speedway. 23 Super Late Models were on hand to try to take adavantage of a $1,000 bonus to win at Dixie and Rome the following night for a total purse to the winner of both races of $5,500. The racers were going all out to try to get it done. Frank qualified 8th for the main event in the same Goss Motorsports #24 he won in the week prior. When the green flag dropped it was like a $15,000 to win event instead of $1,500 to win as the racers immediately battled for position and coming out of turn 2 on lap 1 it all came undone as Frank got tagged by a loose car and about half the field funnelled to a crashing stop on the backstretch before turn 3. Frank was on the high side at the pit gate and almost was in the clear before being hammered by another car and ending his night with a 21st place finish. At the end of the exciting race it was #11 Austin Smith winning his first ever Super Late Model race followed by #7 Donald McIntosh, #X Tyler Millwood, #17 Lamar Haygood and #3 Luther Jenkins your top 5. A rundown of the event can be found at Dixie Speedway's website. Click on the image above to see Frank's photo gallery from the race.


Frank Ingram 2013 Victory Winner Dixie Speedway

June 8th, 2013 - Frank Battles 3 Of The Best And Comes Away With An Exciting Victory!

The June 8th race date turned out to be a double header due to the Bill Ingram Memorial race being rained out the previous weekend. All the entrants returned for the feature including pole sitter Ray Cook who dominated the 35 lap $3,000 to win race leading every lap. Fast Frank started 9th in his own Rocket Chassis, Hunt Engines, Smart Pig Websites machine. In the same fashion as the Ice Bowl back in January Frank was quickly on the move to the front, from 9th to 5th within a few laps. Unfortunately a burnt coil wire ended the race for Frank and gave him a 19th finishing spot. Full results from the Bill Ingram Memorial can be found on Dixie Speedway's website.

The second super late model event of the night began with Frank having fast time (15.455 seconds) for most of the qualifying session but eventually it was Tony Knowles setting a fast time of 15.311 seconds. Frank had the 4th fastest time of the night but Knowles spun a 6 on the invert wheel giving Frank 3rd starting spot for the 30 lap feature. The lineup was #3 Luther Jenkins on point, #17 Ricky Williams beside him, #24 Fast Frank along side 1n Jordy Nipper and row 3 would be #53 Ray Cook and #26 Tony Knowles. The race was action packed from start to finish with the top 5 cars of Jenkins, Williams, Ingram, Knowles and Cook battling but racing clean. Eventually it would be a 4 car race with Jenkins leading Frank with Knowles side by side with Frank and Cook tucked behind the 2. On the white flag lap it was anyone's race and coming into turn 3 and 4 Frank went high side around the lapped cars while the other 3 went low and Frank blasted past leader Jenkins out of turn 4 and picked up an amazing win and his first win since the 2011 season! Welcome back to victory lane Fast Frank! Click on the photo above for the gallery from the weekend. Photos courtesy of Mitchell Jenkins Photography.



April 13th, 2013--Battle from 6th to 3rd

Dixie Speedway owner Mickey Swims decided to open the racing season a week early and 18 super late models were on hand Saturday night. Frank was driving the Buster Goss owned #24 which he's had a lot of success in over the past several years. Frank qualified 6th fastest and would start there as fast qualifier #26 Tony Knowles spun a 2 on the invert wheel. During the race Frank was challenged hard by the #59 car of Dale Thurman as well as #9 Jason Croft. Frank slipped back to 7th at one point but late in the race managed to pass Thurman, #7 Donald McIntosh and #66 Jake Knowles to claim 3rd outright but there weren't enough laps to work on the front 2. At the finish it was #26 Tony Knowles winning, #3 Luther Jenkins second, #24 Frank in 3rd, #66 Jake Knowles fourth and #7 Donald McIntosh your top 5. Results can be found on Dixie Speedway's website. Click on the image above to see the photo gallery from the race. Photos courtesy of Mitchell Jenkins Photography.

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